AquaCalendar 4.2

Powerful PIM for Symbian

AquaCalendar is one of the best PIMs for Symbian OS: Calendar, Tasks, Messages, Birthdays all-in-one! You will forget about the built-in calendar. Icons, Templates, Categories now available on Series60. Link Contact from Phonebook to your events and call to your friends. Application works with built-in databases, so easily synchronize with PC.

Features of AquaCalendar include:

  • Today view with Tasks and Messages
  • Busy and Hour day and week views
  • Month view with details
  • Categories, Templates and Icons support
  • Full screen mode
  • Week views could have any number of days from 1 to 7
  • Event detail view have link with Contacts
  • Fully customizable
  • Scalable fonts and zooming

A comprehensive personal organization tool for your Symbian phone.

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AquaCalendar 4.2